Lucy Asher

Hi, I’m Lucy a Professor in Animal Behaviour Informatics and the PI for the wonderful group of people on this website. I have spent my career trying to capture the complexity of animal behaviour and linking this with animal welfare. I have a BSc in Zoology & Psychology from Bristol, an MSc in Animal Behaviour from Edinburgh, and a PhD in animal behaviour from sunny Newcastle, supervised by the wonderful Professor Melissa Bateson. After getting into mathematical methods for describing behaviour of starlings in my PhD, I went on to a post-doctoral position at the Royal Veterinary College in Quantitative Animal Welfare Epidemiology, where I used novel methods to quantify patterns of group behaviour in hens. For the five years which followed I was based at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham, first as a Lecturer and then Assistant Professor. During my time at Nottingham I used statistical approaches to measure ‘The Epidemiology of guide dog behaviour’ in a large scale 5-year research project. I also worked on a range of other projects relevant to animal welfare in a variety of species; from poultry to elephants.

In 2015 I moved back to Newcastle University to take up a position as Senior Newcastle University Research Fellow and in 2019 took a Senior Lectureship and was made a professor in 2020, during the COVID pandemic (limiting opportunities to celebrate). I continue to work on patterns in behaviour, with increasing focus on using technology to capture and process behaviour primarily focusing on domestic poultry and dogs (i.e. the best domesticated species).

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